YES-BAT is a project of the National Research Council, Water Research Institute CNR-IRSA of Verbania in collaboration with the Stazione Teriologica Piemontese

CNR-ISE and STEP – a step forward in BAT-research

An afternoon dedicated to bats and to the presentation of the researches carried out by CNR-ISE in collaboration with the Stazione Teriologica Piemontese. The new project “YES!BAT – Sustainable Rice Fields, say YES! to bats”, in cooperation with Dott. Angela Boggero, Dott. Laura Garzoli and financed by Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation will be presented. During the event, Dott. Elena Patriarca will help us to know better these night creatures, animals protected by the law but also victim of misconception and superstitions, that do not help their conservation.

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