YES-BAT is a project of the National Research Council, Water Research Institute CNR-IRSA of Verbania in collaboration with the Stazione Teriologica Piemontese


Here we present the farms and the farmers that support our project, hosting our bat boxes during 2018.
We would like to thank for their precious contribution in the search of farms available for the project Dr. Marinella Rodolfi (University of Pavia), Dr. Daniele Tenni (Ente Nazionale Risi), Dr. Massimo Biloni (IRES and AcquaverdeRiso), Marco Ricci (Novara Research Center), Franco Borghetti (Legambiente circolo Brutto Anatroccolo), Ettore Rigamonti (Novara Bird Watching), Dott. Gian Piero Godio (Legambiente e Pro Natura del Vercellese)

Bettola Farm

Bettola Farm is located in Bellinzago Novarese, and lead by Alessandro and Giampiero Depaoli. This is the first farm that agreed to host our bat boxes. Alessandro and Giampiero are known for their experimental approach to rice cultivation and pest control.

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Riso Preciso

The Farm Motta, located in San Pietro Mosezzo is known for its Riso Preciso (namely Precise Rice). Lead by Paola Battioli, Nino Chiò and their sons, Riso Preciso hosts our bat boxes to fight pests on their fields. They are pioneer farmers of precision and conservative agriculture in the rice production.

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Canta Farm

Farm Canta, located in Gionzana, is led by two sisters Maddalena and Isabella Francese. They carry on their centenary rice culture heritage, and they are symbols of the involvement of women in agriculture.

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