YES-BAT is a project of the National Research Council, Water Research Institute CNR-IRSA of Verbania in collaboration with the Stazione Teriologica Piemontese

YES!BAT at the 9th International Forum of Food and Nutrition

The results of our project “YES!BAT Sustainable Rice Fields: say YES! to bats” will be presented at the 9th International Forum of Food and Nutrition in Milan, the 27th-28th of November 2018.

The 28th of November, at 2.45 PM, in the wonderful Hangar Bicocca, we will show the achievements obtained in this wonderful year of research and field experiments.

Thanks to BCFN Foundation contribution, research institutes (CNR-IRSA of Verbania, Stazione Teriologica Piemontese, Università Statale di Milano), farmers (Riso Preciso, Cascina Canta, Cascina Bettola), associations, volunteers, students, and technicians, cooperated to accomplish our project in defence of biodiversity, in light of those changes to be achieved for a sustainable agriculture and toward a better future for our generation.

Beside us, several national and international experts will participate the forum.Here you can find the agenda and you can register to participate the forum

If you are unable to visit Hangar Bicocca the 27-28 of November, you can still watch the live forum through BCFN Social media channels!