YES-BAT is a project of the National Research Council, Water Research Institute CNR-IRSA of Verbania in collaboration with the Stazione Teriologica Piemontese

YES!BAT at the International Journalism Festival! 12 April 2018

Save the date! YES!BAT will be presented at the International Journalism Festival of Perugia, the 12 of April!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful city and to get in touch with the most important expert in the field of communication!

End poverty, protect the planet, ensure prosperity for all? Food is the answer


Media and information have a major role to play in increasing the awareness and knowledge on the SDGs and promote their incorporation in development reporting for social change, challenging the narrative about progress in the developing countries and shining the spotlight to the people who are often left out of the conversation.

The BCFN panel aims at providing journalists and journalism students with information, tools and strategies to understand the complex issues surrounding the SDGs through the lens of sustainable food systems, agriculture, nutrition and climate change.

The event will also be the occasion to discuss together for a greater and effective engagement of journalists, media professionals and the general public on the implementation of the SDGs.


Aligning the Food Sustainability Index with the SDGs – LUDOVICA PRINCIPATO, Ph.D. Researcher BCFN Foundation, Researcher Roma Tre University

Food and Migration. Understanding the geo-political nexus in the context of the Mediterranean – LUCIO CARACCIOLO, President and Head of Geopolitics, Macrogeo

Young Earth Solutions to food sustainability: SAY YES to BATS! – LAURA GARZOLI, STeP e CNR-ISE, Winner, 2017 BCFN YES!

Moderator: LUCA DI LEO, Head of Media Relations, BCFN Foundation

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